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Classification: Dressy, Business

The more pointed a shoe, the dressier it looks; when the toe is also elongated the effect is increased. Pointed shoes visibly elongate leg length.

Shoe Basics: Toe Shape for Sample

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Shoe Basics: Toe Shape

When you put your best foot forward you are leading with the toe of your shoe. Therefore, it’s an important style consideration that will most likely be the design focus of your shoe purchases.

The shape and decoration of the toe of your shoes will almost certainly be noticed first. 

Round Toes are comfortable and give out a relaxed impression. The slightly longer round leads into the almond toe. Which is easy for everyone to wear and look good in.

The Square toe is more functional and often easier to make making it more affordable. They can make a leg look shorter.

The Long toe is very fashion-forward. It will make your leg look longer, and can be a tripping hazard if designed too long.