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Also known as jet pockets. The edges of the pocket are slit and bound to resemble a tailored button hole. As pockets they are less visible and allow the eye to flow uninterrupted from the hem to the neckline. Classification: Business, Business Casual.

Basics: Pockets for Sample

Pockets on suits are designed to store essential items only. Bulging suit pockets destroy any chance of an elegant appearance. Pockets in new suits are often closed by loose stitching. The stitching is to keep the pocket in its correct shape, while the jacket goes through the various stages of production.

Basics: Pockets

Pockets can create a focal point for your jacket. The placement will impact your body.

Most suit jackets and formal jackets come with the jacket loosely stitched closed. It is advisable to leave this stitching in place. Doing so will ensure that the shape of your jacket and your overall image is as polished as possible.

The breast pocket is ideal for placing a kerchief inside. When doing so a kerchief can tell a lot about your personality. A pressed and folded white kerchief is the most classic and professional. Ideal for formal occasions and for the man who is quite structured in his outlook to life.

A floral or colorful, kerchief is creative and fun-loving. This is ideal for the man who loves life and loves to have fun with his image and his outfits. These can be inserted into the pocket loosely with the ends either tucked in or flowing out of the pocket. The more willowy the kerchief is the more avant-garde the man will appear. 

Please note, a kerchief should connect with your tie or your outfit, but should never match. Consult your image consultant on guidance for the best styles and colours for your ties and kerchiefs.