Sample Results


This crotch depth comfortanly accommodates the genitals, allows for a normal range of movement and hides the genitalia. Classification: Business, Business Casual, Casual.

Basics: Crotch Depth for Sample

The crotch area the area which encompasses the genitals and is above the thighs. When wearing regular pants and trousers it’s important that the crotch has enough room to accommodate the genitals and allow for a normal range of movement. A perfect crotch depth elongates the legs, is comfortable and hides the genitalia.

Basics: Crotch Depth

Tribal man wore hides wrapped around his waist as an early pant, which is reminiscent in the lower hung pants.

When being fitted for made to measure trousers, there are three measurements taken relative to the crotch depth.

  1. Front rise from the midpoint of the crotch
  2. Back rise again from the midpoint of the crotch
  3. Inside leg seam, from the midpoint of the crotch to the hem.

Should you buy pants that do not fit comfortably in the crotch, of there is a seam allowance, they can be let out to the extent of that allowance, if they sit too full in the back, or pucker, you can 'raise the waist', and have the excess fabric removed. A good tailor can help.